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Day 10 - Rain shortage in Scotland sorted

Nervously Charlie joined Oscar and Freddie. No fears needed as they could hardly see each other in the torrential rain. The trio quickly sped through the outskirts of Edinburgh to the Firth of Forth.

Huge disappointment crossing the Forth Road Bridge to find Issy had already cycled across and was out on the other side. Time was then spent timing how long water from their bottles took to reach the river. Science GCSE sorted then.

Failing to social distance were the many padlocks proclaiming the undying love of couples, right next to the Samaritans board. Ironic.

Onwards to Perth to finish the 100km. Issy had a serious mechanical with a broken chain, unfixable until Godfather Patrick arrived. Brute force saved the day despite mortal injury to a finger. Issy carried on up the Tayside hills climbing hill after hill. Dad knew where he was going wanting to see the view of the moor, but today the hills seemed longer and higher, with no view. I think the trees might not have been there 35 years ago. 

101km in 4hrs 8mins. No brakes in the rain put Oscar into a near miss tractor scenario, three cycling adults were found sheltering under motorway bridges to get out of the rain. Three large bridges - one for a train, one a motorway and one with a cycle path - why was there confusion of which to use?

Tonight at the wonderful Craigow c/o the Milne-Homes. Memories a plenty, the very best view, and more horses than ever. 

4 days left, that’s under 500km. Night near Balmoral, then Inverness, then somewhere, then John O’Groats for our swim. Is it home time so soon?

Dryer days...

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