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Day 11 - Cairngorms on fire

Has anyone been in the Cairngorms on a day as beautiful as today? Scotland on fire, picture perfect. Leaving Perth the weather looked ominous, overshoes were put on with jackets in back pockets. There was a glimmer of hope of a weather window. The window lasted all day with glorious sunshine and stunning vistas.

Perth, Blairgowrie and into the National Park. Is and I are really only here for the Monarch of the Glen views and today did not disappoint. Stunning. Kids also had a great geography lesson of valleys, glaciers, river and moor management. Another GCSE nailed. 

Team Bus were totally saved by a farm shop with friends Americano, Cappucino, Croissant and Hot Chocolate present. Hot chocolate got too excited and went straight down the front of the hoodie ensuring there was yet more washing to be done. 

Met John and Karen who were cycling Isles of Sicily to the top of the Shetlands. John was 20km on the bike, then swapped to the car, then Karen rode the bike for 20km. Does not seem the most social of days, or is it the perfect holiday? 

Totally awesome ups and downs, rolling, steep, high, long downhills, gorse, 100s of grouse.

Brake failure so again today Oscar hurtled towards a car, ended up in bushes, wrong side of car, not cool, fortunately not bonnet. Bad language. Multi-sport day as well.

The Team Bus called Freddie down from a hill climb to fixed a stressed Issy’s chain. The bus is full of soigneurs and now we now had a domestique performing his duties. Huge thanks from Issy. But Annabelle had to finish off the fix.

Poor old Rads has hardly had walks this week, as well as meeting about 46 dogs on our travels. A run on the moor this evening. Is also nailed the swooping curves of the road cycling earlier.

At the end of the day the bus asked the bikes to stop as we simply could not catch them. We are now parked in a random wood with a lot of conifers and half of Scotland’s flies. Kids have gone to get water from the river, something out of an American western movie. Annabelle is convinced river water is filthy whilst happy to put water from a London tap into a baby’s Aptimel. 

Map reading lessons tonight as we went 12km right when should have gone left, we thought there was one massive hill and there were three. Exhausting.


124km travelled

Ave. speed 24kmh

Ascent 1,705m

Calories 4,650

Estimated sweat 5.2l which is worrying as there is no shower tonight

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