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Day 12 - the bucket list

OMG it is so beautiful here, and ever better when bathed in sunshine for the second day.

Really successful night at our car park. Very quiet. Flies were back in the morning but as we all stank and there was little water for the simplest ablutions and no awake teenagers in sight we quickly left. Charlie's tent just 'pops up' straight out of the bag. Very simply in seconds. I can attest it takes considerably longer to put back into the bag. Houdini was quicker.

Once saddled up we were out the blocks at Cock Bridge up a shockingly long hill. Beat the bus up as it was waiting for the longest coffee service ever. They really need a Pret up here (it is great seeing a retail free zone, and litter free, but I bet no-one says 'just popping out to the shops').

Ski resort Lecht was at the top of the hill. In the spirit of skiing Issy and I were delivered to the top of the hill and dropped over 300m into the valley below 'best ride ever' said Is, having hardly pedalled for 15 minutes. It was pretty cool.

The boys pedalled on. Apparently the hills were long and tall. They have young legs so they should be fine. Led by Freddie, lowest gears and swerving gets them the top.

The fun bus carried on with some basic maintenance, mainly around its bathroom needs, and shopped for calories.

Many thanks to Brian and Frances for hosting us and giving the kids a history lesson on the Battle of Culloden. Another GSCE done. All credit to their schools for teaching them the story, and all of them remembering nothing. Thanks so much for the signs, a really thoughtful welcome.

Heading to Inverness and ended the day around 4pm with 103kms under our belt. Tonight we are at Cawdor of 'boil and bubble' fame c/o Palmers. Steaming hot showers, clean clothes, sofas, bar-b-q, bed - about as far from last night as possible. Thank you. Great to see you on the road, thanks for the water and chocolate.

2 days to go - that's less than 250kms. Inverness to John O'Groats. Bring it on.

Travelled 103km. Max speed 73kph. Uphill 1,250m (that's 3,000m up in 2 days). Skiing next time I think, getting there by plane.

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