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Day 15 - Reflections 1

Yesterday was epic, both in achievement and weather. So very proud and pleased for the boys. They stormed through the stair-rods of rain, even eating on the go on a mission for JOG. They did the last 100km in 3hrs 40mins, a monster pace and the fastest of all the days, and arrived at the finish line before 2pm, met by loud, wet and proud families.

963 miles - 14 days - 2 boys - 2 bikes

Normal service resumed (Freddie's phone has broken so can't be looked at). Later went to the beach only to bump into the Hawaiian shirt duo for whom we took a starting photo 14 days ago in Cornwall. Small world.

After the ride Freddie said 'do you know how good it is to see a sign with JOG ¼?', also 'making up our quotes of the day, most of which are unrepeatable, provided huge entertainment'.

Oscar said 'what a ride, literally, easily going faster than Freddie downhill without peddling was very satisfying, loved it when we knew it was the final hill and now there's no need to get back on the bike, maybe ever'.

Driving home today having left JOG at 6.15am, Micheldever at 9.15pm, 15 hours door to door. Pouring with rain. Reversed bus straight into drive, 90 degree bend from road. #awesomedriver #nolongerscared. Glad to get home and sleep in our own beds.

Some reflections on the previous 14 days:  Highlights - for Issy the hound puppies, for Annabelle giving the bus back, for James the Cairngorms.

Brothers in arms

Team lowlights - only three meals out, worryingly a Burger King, a McDonald’s and a fish and chips, was really hoping for more and of a higher quality.  

What we needed - an old school road atlas, lorry settings on the sat nav, car iPhone holder.

So very very many thanks to so very many people. 

The generous donors to the very grateful The Brain Tumour Charity, Brain Tumour Action and Brain Tumour Research  The guest riders - Adam, Roger, Charlie, James and Issy

Those that let us stay - Lands End car park, Janna, Karen, the de-Broe Fergusons, the Inkins, the Angel-James, Paolo, the Wellesley-Smiths, the de Roebecks, random campsite without a view, the Milne Homes, beautiful woodland car park, the Palmers, banks of Loch Leven and John O’Groats car park

The ride advisors - Adam for bike support, Phil for nutrition, Caroline and Jonny for the map, Rupert for motorhome introduction 1.1 and Deloitte Ride Across Britain for route maps Those that provided some of Oscar's kit - Tim’s shoes and saddlebag, Rupert’s Garmin and by no means last Grandma’s bike, without which we would have got nowhere Those event partners supporting the Support Crew - the Brays, Aunt Virginia and the Finney's fuel, Carola’s cake, Richard Dee’s fish and chips, Bella Holden for branded ride bracelets and all the nutrition bonuses along the way

For those that have read and commented on these ramblings, for all the supportive and motivational texts and calls

Will get the ride stats out shortly but bizarrely Garmin has been 'ransomwared' by some guy in Taiwan and has shut down its servers It would not have happened without you for which we are very grateful. For now it is goodbye from the top of mainland UK. Will update some more tomorrow.

So very many thanks,  Oscar, Freddie, their parents and future brain tumour sufferers 

To go all the way to JOG and find a mate!

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