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Day 16 - Data

As we gather post-event analysis here's some data. Garmin has not paid its ransom so last few days need to be checked. Garmin's worth $3.3b apparently.

Raising nearly £11,000 for a very grateful charity who will use the donations very wisely to support future patients and make a real difference.

Day Distance Moving time Elevation

To Bodmin 99.7km 4hr 30m 1,408m

To Tiverton 100.7km 4hr 33m 1,645m

To Huntspill 91.2km 4hr 0m 1,107m

To Ross on Wye 128.5km 5hr 8m 1,200m

To Shrewsbury 105.6km 4hr 41m 1,104m

To Knutsford 103.1km 4hr 29m 449m

To Lancaster 118.9km 4hr 29m 780m

To Penrith 101.4km 4hr 30m 1,223m

To Biggar 129.8km 4hr 30m 959m

To Perth 100.6km 4hr 7m 502m

To Braemar 124.1km 5hr 16m 1,705m

To Inverness 103.3km 4hr 12m 1,261m

To Loch Leven 118.4km 4hr 53m 1,186m

To John O'Groats 112.0km 4hr 04m 883m

To much applause the bus went back yesterday and we got all our deposit back due to A's amazing driving (and maybe a little success in navigation).

Boys travelled 963 miles over 14 days and bus travelled 2,404 miles over 16 days.

Quite a lot of chicken and pasta consumed plus High 5 energy bars and recovery shakes each day. Bus was definitely motivated by proper coffee, and wide roads. Little tip if using motorhome, make sure you empty loo daily or invest in nose-plugs. 3 days later cycling kit is still wet and untouched by rider. Bike definitely in the shed.

Boys definitely celebrating now. Carbs now provided by beer. Since finishing Freddie has had a puncture and Oscar cut the top of his finger off. Oh we were so lucky not to have any mishaps...

Thank you for all your support.

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