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Day 2 - Cornwall to Devon

Top stats - 4hr 41min ride time, 100km exactly, av. speed 13.36mph, max speed 38.93mph, over 4,500 calories, weather dry

The Navigator had a shocker. Even before dropping us off a wrong turn was taken sending the moving home down a road that it should not go. Only early afternoon did that get repeated to huge anger by the Driver. Not a laughing matter was the van (which does not go backwards) meeting a 54-seater school bus on an unnamed road (we now know these are very narrow and to be avoided at all costs). 

We complained about being woken up before we wanted. Breakfast was in silence. Then we went back to somewhere we had been before only yesterday. Pedalling felt good so off we went with our lunch on our backs. We have so often been told nutrition is key to finishing cycling days and weeks. Obviously we ignored that and turned up after 70km with all our wraps in our back pockets. Exhausted and hungry. Luckily the team bus was there. Quick rest in the team bus at 70km and we were off for the last 30km. We were surprised to reach our destination at the same time as the van with the Navigator having had a another shocker. 

A challenge of the day was to get the tractor drivers to beep their horns at us. Seemed a good idea until we rounded a corner to find the tractor that honked with its silage trailer on its side. Massive grins seeing 11% gradient sign down these Devon hills, wiped faces to see the hill’s other side being 23% up. Character building apparently. Then faces dropped every time we saw an 11% downhill sign.

Meanwhile the Navigator lead a disastrous walk around a reservoir. Experience showed that there is no walk around the reservoir. The lack of paths told them that.

1,715m of climbing. Smashing the mountains and we have not got to Wales or Scotland yet. Oh and we were brilliant on Radio Solent this evening.  

Back tomorrow. Slightly more tired. Thanks to all our supporters, every donation makes such a difference to so many.

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