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Day 3 - Devon to Somerset

Very comfortable night at Karen's, thank you. Yet again Senior Management woke us too early. Back to Creedy Bridge with my parents for a send off. Oscar managed to fall before he had left. Luckily was caught by unbelieving parents.

Straight back into the Devon hills followed by nice flat run along the River Exe. I lost out to a wasp and still have the barb to prove it. Oscar has learnt if you look up from your Garmin you are less likely to rear-end the white van in-front.

Back at the de Broe's, with their magnificent bathrooms, and somewhat dilapidated porch. In beds tonight for a welcome good sleep.

Fixed a broken spoke to an extent, so that sets us up for tomorrow and avoids the need to Google 'bike shops near me'.

A more chilled day for the Driver except for a stressful incident at the gates of The Rectory.

Off to Wales tomorrow. I'm sure they will let us in. Freddie

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