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Day 4 - welcome to Wales

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Safely navigating Ra's iron gates got us back on the road, leaving Aldi's glamorous car park around 11am. Guest rider today was Adam Parker, +/- 40 years older, definitely heavier, nicer bike and about twice as fast.

From the levels of Somerset to the Severn Bridge. We were beaten across by Issy and Dad who crossed an hour earlier, no doubt slower. The Severn is massive. Afterwards on every hill Adam summited minutes before us which after a while became humiliating. Issy took the opportunity to see her Godmother, not seen for a while, and we hope next time it is not in the Moto Severn View services. Big Mac was a bonus.

The afternoon was spent riding up the Wye valley, while Issy was hoping to float down it. No canoes prevented that. An attractive ride on the few occasions we looked up from our front wheels.

Evening c/o Inkins. Made safely despite the smallest un-named road ever and having to leave the van half in and half out of the gates to save the wing mirrors. My goodness it was tight. All kudos to the Driver for saving the wing mirrors. Tomorrow Ludlow skirting Wales. Looks like it is going to be a sunny day.

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