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Day 5 - by boat, on foot and by bike

Leaving the Inkin's gate intact was a great start to the day. Obviously the unamed roads quickly reappeared to dent the enthusiasm. Started riding at Kerne Bridge up a massive hill, enthusiasm disappearing fast.

While the boys headed off up hills and Mum and I headed to the river. A few hours of calmness paddling on the Wye, at one with nature, me pretending to be using my paddle when going upstream, close encounters with geese and sheep. All calmness destroyed when the bus had to go through a yet smaller gate. It is all a bit like the limbo pole game, just a vertical version. Our luck better last.

Basically today it was the Maclays vs. the invading hordes, be they the Welsh, the Police, the motorhome haters or herds of sheep. We patrolled the high ground, the rivers, the woods and roads.

New sponsors today so we looked well smart. 105km nailed on the way to Cressage. No great stories but we kept the hordes away. Met a bunch of seven year olds in lycra, do you think they realised they looked as silly as us as we cycled past? Freddie got this much oil over him simply putting a chain back on. How? Our most important bit of kit is baby wipes (I know unethical and unsustainable) but do get rid of oil well. We have enough oil over the bikes to fuel a small nation. 'Crappy' is how we would describe the roads or maybe 'austerity roads' is more accurate, seemingly all was up hill.

Now with Tiff's sister and old school mate Ben. Issy fell totally in love with the 10 hound puppies and made 10 Tik Toks with them. Boys looked after by Freddie A-J with a few stubbies. They have now cooked a new plan for reaching JOG and seem quite happy with it.

By the way good news is the bus takes only £90 in the tank and lasts for 500 miles; DAB radio does not really work; there is no way to cover the smell of the onboard toilet and who has 6 £1 coins for parking these days?

Tomorrow Knutsford, excited to see if there is more to it than the M6 services so loved by Edinburgh University students. Onwards and upwards.

Stats for those who like numbers.

Today - unavailable at this time - 105km

Yesterday - 5hr 9mins in the saddle - 128km - av. speed 25km/h - top speed 57kph

Day before - too long in the saddle - top speed 38mph - arm and legs 3 degree sunburn - 105km

We've done no arms so now no legs.

We have also ignored road signs

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