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Day 7 - navigational issues part 6

Boys asleep, support crew hard at work, getting ready for the day. Who thought it would come to this? I haven't used a hair drier for 40 years.

Really great day of cycling for us. Flat flat flat. Sunny and not too hot. Wind always in your face. Tedious. Another broken spoke. How many need to break until the wheel buckles?

We were joined at lunch by Uncle Roger and his electric bike. Competitive riding commenced and we were roundly trounced by his technology. We persuaded him Garmins were the way forward, not OS maps. Great to have someone else to talk to you as we risked running out of conversation...

The Navigator handed the sat nav to the Apprentice Navigator and was demoted to the Aunt's car and its paper map. Not the main Navigator managed to send the bus off at Jnct 33, missed a turning, got back to Jnct 32 and then went up to Jnct 34. Did you know that the distance between 32 and 33 is the longest in the UK (we did not make this up)?

Very great evening at the Wellesley-Smiths. Reassuringly narrow gates. 'We've had all sorts of artics in here' says Jake as we scrape through. Fantastic BBQ and great catch up with Clan Johnson.

Thank you for the support of Heskin Hall, great lawn, huge hospitality and generous donation.

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