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Day 8 - slip, shop, Shap

New spokes in morning to keep the wheel round and turning, hopefully not slipping. Thanks to the W-Ss for everything. Was it to be sunny or raining? That was the real question.

Randomly, on waking, the kids were worried they had overslept. Just goes to show miracles do happen. Was just an oversight of the Waker-up who had morphed into

Day 8 was remarkably like Day 7 except for climbing Shap Fell. 9 mile climb, 1,245ft vertical to 1,397ft above sea level, 3% average and 8% max gradient. Steep and long, awesome views from the top. Met a new friend, we went past him, him us, us him, him us. The joke then wore thin. Strong rain and very windy at points but 'we coped like the machines that we are'. ‘Beautiful stone walls’ said Freddie. ‘Lovely to see the fields being harvested’ said Oscar. That's the geography GCSE nailed then.

Currently at Sebergham Hall. Bus definitely not coming in so is parked on the cattle grid. That was fine until we found cows rocking it from the front. Issy beat Dad four times at croquet. Freddie had a good FaceTime with his new day old cousin, these kids adopt tech very quickly these days. 

Another 100km today. We are nearly at Carlisle, passports at the ready. 4hours 20mins in the saddle. To be joined by the Palmers tomorrow who are hot-footing it from Hampshire to join the Dream Team. Please bring beer, humour, patience, new chat and energy drinks.

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