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Day 9 - Scottish, skimming and spinning

Boris does not care where we are so Nicola is not too perturbed either. After a short scare about passports we were quickly in Scotland and Gretna Green. No Trump wall here yet. A short briefing to Issy that she should not come back here in a moment of recklessness.

For those of you at Edinburgh Uni with me, remember those happy journeys along the A702? A pack of Scottish shortbread if you can tell me where these are.

How did we get here? Over 1,000 miles of driving, 2 tanks of fuel, quite a few navigational arguments and a wish to follow 2 boys on their quest to swim at John O’Groats. Supported by friends, family and McDonald's. 

The bus has been very stressful to drive, is attracted to narrow gateways, has a smelly toilet, wobbles, rattles and has been covered in a bird’s poo. No real desire to hand it back to Abacus quite yet so we swapped it with a man called Hamish McTavish who we met in a small village called Laisie. 

The boys got to Scotland and then Lanarkshire. A small mechanical on the way when both their chains fell off, they are so aligned now. Fuelled at lunch by Annabelle's killer wraps (this time ham and cheese, becoming a firm favourite) and met by the Palmers they powered further into Scotland. 129km in total today, longest by far, 5hrs 25mins in the sore saddle, 28mph top speed.


Family had a quick detour to the beach to stone skim. Not a lot of success due to wind and waves. No success at the beach restaurant. There is a lot of having to book online first etc.

The Support Vehicle has been joined by one of Hampshire’s Volvos. I am sure enough are left behind. Charlie P will be the guest rider for the next 5 days to push the boys on the final stretch. Pooks, Max and Josh visiting friends on the way. Any minute a road-sweeper will arrive to clean the road ahead of the cyclists, I tell you even Wagyu beef does not get it so good. 

So very many thanks to the de Roebecks. Today was definitely enhanced by delicious fresh bread, fudge and a great night's sleep, plus late night croquet (4-0 to Issy to the boys' consternation). After our recent inspiration at the Cressage church Freddie was again praying to the gods (or kneeling and pissing)

Slight change to tonight's accommodation so we have room with a view, if you look in a certain direction. All facilities included. Rupert was right that his app is invaluable. We are wondering whether £5.99 was well spent.

See you tomorrow. North of Edinburgh, probably beyond Perth.

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